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"मोहब्बत अली , तुम आदमी ठीक नई हो भाई !" chat bot

"मोहब्बत अली , तुम आदमी ठीक नई हो भाई !"

मोहब्बत अली ....हमारे बीच; हमारे आस-पास ही रहता है .... <3 <3 <3

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Mario Teguh Quotes chat bot

Mario Teguh Quotes

Mario Teguh quotes collection from Twitter.

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English Tips and Tools chat bot

English Tips and Tools

A daily dose of new English words, grammar and phrases to speak fluently.

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quotbook chat bot


Search popular quotations by famous people or keywords from within Slack. Try /quot leadership, try /quot success, try /quot paul graham and more. Have fun sharing this wisdom of ages.

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LitBot chat bot


LitBot allows you to read classic literature in short segments. Just request a title and LitBot will send you the next bit of text.

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Bible Verses

The Bible Verses is a relevant chatbot that in moments of hopelessness and misery is highly sought-after. Bible Verses is a digital guide across an extensive collection of sacred texts ...

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Dwivedi Classes For UPSC is an innovative platform to materialise the dream in reality . Our journey begins . It is also useful for SSC ,Bank PO , State Civil ...

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bot bot


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